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If you are interested in putting your product line into the Survival Camping Stores then please use our normal contact form provided in the 'contact us' page. (Drop shippers are welcome too!)

Please understand that we get offers and deals from potential suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and even inventors virtually everyday. We love having a deep and diverse line of products, but sometimes the logistics of dealing with many (and small) distributors and makers can become a burden. As a result, we have implemented a few requirements before considering working with your company.

The first requirement is that we must be able to receive a sample of product at no cost to us. It not only proves to us that your product is of high quality, but it also indicates that you are dedicated to providing a good service and managing solid relationships with your dealers. The second requirement is that you help to provide at least a small amount of exposure, preferably in the form of a 'backlink'. The backlink should point (from your website to ours) to a listing page that we created featuring a product of yours or it can point to the manufacturer page which overtime will become saturated with your products. The former is recommended for smaller companies with a limited product line while the latter is recommended for large, widespread brands that offer a variety of product categories.

In return, not only will we offer your product in our shop, but we will also provide a shoutout through our social media platforms and offer a mention in the quarterly press release detailing the new products we decided to carry.

Feel free to ask us a question regarding these terms, thanks!

-Devin Peterson (owner)