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MiniVault Standard MiniVault Standard

Personal Survival Shelter Personal Survival Shelter

Secure Storage

A great selection of emergency safes and other security storage devices for all your valuables. Caches are great outdoor storage units for emergency gear and backup supplies. Our vaults provide heavy duty protection for your guns and ammo. Or select a smaller fireproof box for important documents and smaller items.

 Featured Secure Storage
Fiberglass Military Box
Fiberglass Military Box
SCS Price: $38.89
MiniVault Standard
MiniVault Standard
SCS Price: $119.00
$99.99 On Sale

Strongbox Considerations

A secure, lockable container can come in many forms (and many names), so it's important that you select the right type for your purpose. Below is a list of styles of security boxes and each of their pros and cons. You may use this quick guide as a reference to help decide which type of strongbox is best for you.