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Sardine Can Survival Kit

Sardine Can Survival Kit
25 Canned Items
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Survival kit in a sardine can

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Survival Kit in a Can

This canned kit comes with 25 essential items with a reliable waterproof seal. The can is airtight and virtually crush-proof.

Canned Survival Kit Contents Include:

  • Fishing Hooks and Line - Go fish as a means of emergency food procurement.
  • Compass - Navigate to safety or find your way home.
  • Tea and Sugar - Keeps you happy and provides nutritional benefits.
  • First Aid Kit - Treat injuries and prevent infections.
  • Duct Tape - Fix virtually anything!
  • Matches - Start a fire for survival.
  • Whistle - Signal for help and communicate with others.
  • Razor Blade - Accomplish minor cutting tasks and stay presentable when help arrives!
  • Fire Starter Cube - Additional help for starting fires.
  • Chewing Gum - Use the foil for starting a fire when matches run out, and enjoy the nice flavor of Big Red.
  • Salt - Keep those electrolyte running. In certain conditions, it may help you purify water...
  • Safety Pin - Use for many purposes.

The survival kit in a can is an old strategy developed by early preppers who knew the importance of minimal carry-on. Originally, using old sardine cans, people would stock only a few essential items into the old cans so they were ready when emergency struck. With today's manufacturing abilities, we can create much more efficient and compact survival kits than ever before by cutting out any excess weight and size anywhere.

Ideal Uses For: Outdoor Recreation and Exploration - Emergency Preparedness at Home or in the Car

Field Test Results:

"I would never be able to pack as much stuff into a small container as this here survival kit. I'm glad I can cut out my customized survival kit from my backpack and replace it with this."

"One neat thing I could do was actually purify my water using the salt and foil from the gum wrapper. Of course I also needed some type of electrical current on hand. In this case I used a 9-volt battery, but a car battery would work... if you're very careful!"

"You can surely survive with just this for a little while, it doesn't stand alone though without a few additions of my own. Oh, and I don't chew gum, but maybe the person I get stranded with does!"

Manufacturer Part#: 791470

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