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Revivex Soft-Shell Water Repellent

Revivex Soft-Shell Water Repellent
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Waterproofing spray

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Gear Aid Revivex Spray-On Waterproofing Repellent for Soft Outerwear

Revivex will extend the life of all your waterproof jackets, pants, backpacks and other items whose effectiveness at repelling water has diminished over time. A simple spray can create a waterproof layer over your soft goods even if it wasn't previously resistant to water! The formula in Revivex bonds to the material of your outerwear without sacrificing breathability. This Gear Aid product guarantees that you and your soft goods will remain drier in wetter conditions when used properly.

Waterproofing Spray Features:

  • Non-toxic
  • All-weather and all-season durability
  • Repels water
  • Simple to use
  • Works on soft goods and outerwear
  • Heat set process improves effectiveness
  • One container fully treats 2 garments
  • Mcnett - Gear Aid

Easy Directions: Simply spray soft shelled goods (clothing, garments, fabrics, etc) with formula and place in drier. Set to tumble dry. Wait. Enjoy waterproofed gear!

How does this product create such a reliable water repellency? Similar to a Gore-tex restoration, this formula is similar to what manufactures use when the product is originally waterproofed. The chemicals bond to material on a microscopic scale, and since they have hydrophobic properties, water is pushed away instead of absorbed. The gaps between molecules also reduces, preventing water from leaking through.

A spray-on repellent is the most efficient and easiest solution to creating an effective barrier to unwanted moisture and dampness. The cost effectiveness of creating your own waterproof materials and restoring old and worn out goods is superior to the alternative option of constantly replacing old gear.

Manufacturer Part#: 36211

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Revivex Soft-Shell Water Repellent Reviews

Owner Review

I used this product personally along with the Rothco Panther Suede boots which are not intended to be fully waterproof. I wear them while mountain biking to didn't want water leaking through every time I dip my foot in some mud, thus far I have not gotten wet feet after applying this repellent.
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Reviewed by: from Kutztown. - 6/24/2013
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