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Portable Outdoor Campfire Ring

Portable Outdoor Campfire Ring
Portable Fire Ring for the Outdoors
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Small campfire perimeter

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Texsport Portable Campfire Ring

When it comes to fire, safety is always the first priority. Too many forest fires have been caused by simple lack of careful procedures, one of which involves properly enclosing a fire to prevent spread of flames and wandering sparks. The Campfire Ring restrains the fire to a small and enclosed perimeter making it safe in more ways than one. Not only will you help reduce chance of spreading but it is also a safety barrier when young children or pets are present.

Portable Fire Ring Features:

  • 23" diameter - Allows larger but controlled campfires
  • Quick locking panels for easy assembly and no tools required
  • Only 6 lbs trail weight - Fully portable
  • Ideal use for:
    • Camping
    • BBQ
    • Outdoor grills
  • Texsport - Authentic Adventure Gear

Fire rings are an essential component of any fire, and is used to contain a fire in order to prevent it from spreading into a wildfire or to protect individuals from an accident. This is necessary when a fire pit is not available such as in more permanent locations like designated camp sites and personal properties. 

Another advantage of a fire ring is the ability to easily cook food by using the edge of the device as a prop for grills or sticks (kabobs). Oh and also how cozy it makes you feel! Fire-lighting is a tremendous skill necessary to any survivalist and outdoor adventurer. It's your responsibility to make sure safety is a priority.

Manufacturer Part#: 15114

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