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Out Alive Card Game

Out Alive Card Game
Can you make it out alive first?
Can you make it out alive first? Injury Cards - Watch out! The Essential Survival Items! Looking for these tools?
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Survival card game (available in mini).

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Out Alive Survival Card Game - Available in Mini

Premise: You and your friends are on a backpacking journey when each of you becomes separated and lost in the wilderness due to a pack of wild wolves that drove you out of their territory. (Don't worry, the wolves are gone now.) But you still have to reunite with your friends again and in order to do so, you must acquire all the items needed to survive and make it Out Alive! You must build shelter and a fire, find food and water, avoid injury, and signal the rescue helicopter. Who will survive long enough and be the first person rescued?!

Game Rules:

Objective: Be the first to acquire all 4 survival items which include water, shelter, fire and food. Once you have done so, you must signal the helicopter for rescue.

Components: 3 rescue cards - 13 survival item cards - 34 tool cards - 4 injury cards

  • Shuffle the deck and deal 2-3 players each 7 cards face down. (Note: you can combine 2 decks for more players.)
  • Place the remaining deck in the center and turn the top card over to form a second pile which will be used for discards.
  • Every player picks up the cards dealt to them but do not show them to other players.
Round 1:
  • Player to the left of the dealer goes first.
  • Place any hand of green survival cards in front of you if you have all the blue items it requires.
Round 2 and beyond:
  • At the beginning of each turn, player draws 2 cards from the main deck in center OR draw 1 card off the discard pile and 1 card off the main deck.
  • Continue to place survival cards down in front of you. At the end of each turn, you must discard 1 card.
  • If a player runs out of cards in their hand, they must still discard a card from in front of them. You may pick up any card you laid down in front of you.
How to Win: Once a player has obtained all 4 survival items and their required tools AND do not have any injuries remaining, that player can play the rescue helicopter card, winning the game.

Injury Cards: If you have an injury card, you may place it in front of any other player. A player who has received an injury card from another person is now "injured". They may continue to play as normal but will have to sacrifice certain cards once they are acquired in order to treat the injury. A player can not signal the helicopter if they have a pending injury.

"Out Alive - Mini" is available as a more minimalist style card game. Same game, smaller size.

Cool Features: 2-4 players per deck - 12+ years of age - Less than 30 minute playing time.
Out Alive Being PlayedCard game being played

This game was designed by Alex Hanley.

Manufacturer Part#: 728028185782

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Out Alive Card Game Reviews


Game is 'neat'. Will keep you busy for 30 min. There is a new design coming out. should help increase interest, I will get that in mini
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Reviewed by: from Kale. - 6/6/2014
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