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Mealkit 2.0

Mealkit 2.0
Black Mealkit 2.0
Black Mealkit 2.0 Black MealKit 2.0 Enjoy meals outdoors!
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"Light My Fire" mess kit with 8 pieces made from BPA free plastics.

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Mealkit 2.0 - Light My Fire/Industrial Revolution Mess Kit

The MealKit is a modern mess kit that has everything you need to eat civilized in a less than civilized environment. The kit contains 8 pieces designed to fit neatly anywhere you need it. All items in the kit are microwave and dishwasher safe, and they even float in water! The polypropolene material is BPA free and safe for you and the environment.

MealKit Features:

  • Plate/lid - It doubles as both! (500 ml)
  • Plate/bowl - It also doubles as both! (900 ml)
  • Original waterproof snapbox. (170 ml)
  • Oval waterproof snapbox. (320 ml)
  • Pack-up cup with measuring lines. (260 ml)
  • Cutting board and strainer (colander) - Again, it doubles as both!
  • Spork - A great spoon, knife, and fork combination. (Made of Tritan that will not scratch non-stick cookware)
  • Harness - Keeps everything tight and snug when packed away. (Made of TPE)
Easy to clean - Microwave safe - Dishwasher safe - Floats - BPA free - Stackable - Taste, stain and odor resistant

This mess kit is useful in the city and the outdoors. Throw it in your backpack or keep it on the boat. Use it as a picnic basket kit or even your everyday lunchbox. 

Total Size and Weight: 194 x 194 x 61 mm. - 384 grams

The "Light My Fire" Mealkit 2.0 is compatible with Leave No Trace ethics. The material of this kit will not soften at higher temperatures.

Field Test Reviews

"Used on a 4 day camping trip and it was great. Eliminated the need for paper products and cheap plastic utensils. Each piece served a purpose for any meal of the day. The main dish fits a large meal just well and the smaller dishes hold side meals conveniently as well. The spork is effective but you can only use one component at a time." - Backpacker

"Did not need some of the smaller containers for meals but they come in handy when I decided to pick wild edibles, specifically the delicious mulberries that grow around my area. It was compact and light, specs were accurate as described, and I have tended to even use the Mealkit for home and office use as well." - SCS member

"The quality is astounding and seems very sturdy. I am most pleased with the fact that it is very temperature resistant. A mess kit like this serves a great purpose for most recreational activities. Can't really cook with it though, perhaps the only downside when comparing with steel/aluminum military style mess kits." - Devin Peterson

Design by Joachim Nordwall

Mess Kit: a compact kit of nested cooking and eating utensils for use by soldiers and campers.

Creative Alternate Names: Feed Gear - Chow Accoutrements - Refection Apparatus

Mess kits date back before World War 1 and consist of silverware and cookware used for camping, backpacking and extended military campaigns. The MealKit is a modern day version made primarily for civilian use. Highly compatible with stuff sacks and MRE. Meant for contemporary usage and helps prevent waste while remaining bio-friendly and economically viable.

Manufacturer Part#: S-MK2-BLACK

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