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Paracord Survival Dog Lead (6ft) Paracord Survival Dog Lead (6ft)

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Longitude Survival Kit

Longitude Survival Kit
Mykel Hawke Survival Kit
Mykel Hawke Survival Kit Longitude Kit Contents
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Mykel Hawke's Survival Kit.

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Mykel Hawke's Longitude Survival Kit

Mykel Hawke is a premier survival expert who's been featured on the Discovery channel through his hit show "Man, Woman, Wild", where Hawke teaches some techniques to survive in many different circumstances. He emphasizes the importance of being mentally and physically prepared, while using the advantages nature and your surroundings can provide. This kit is designed to be portable and can attach to a pack, belt, or simply thrown in the car for easy accessibility.

Survival Kit Contents:

  • Iodine and Alcohol Prep Pads - For use as emergency first aid.
  • High Decibel Whistle - For signal and communication.
  • Ultra Bright Flashlight - Makes nighttime tasks more manageable.
  • Signaling Mirror - Backup means of signaling to potential rescuers.
  • Snare Wire - Passively capture small game to keep up your food supply.
  • Multi Function Knife - Accomplish survival tasks with this quality bladed tool.
  • Matches - Easily start a fire when needed.
  • Compass - Stay on track when navigating your way to safety.
  • Emergency Blanket - It will keep you warm, or cool, and aid in signaling for help.
  • Wire Saw - Make easy work of cutting limbs and small branches.
  • Waterproof Pouch - Keep all your essentials free of moisture and wetness.

Mykel Hawke talks about his line of gear in the short video segment below. Have a look!

Hawkes Longitude Kit

Manufacturer Part#: MH-SK1

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