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Hunter's Deluxe Survival Kit

Hunter's Deluxe Survival Kit
Guardian Survival Gear
Guardian Survival Gear "Don't let nature make you the hunted." Close up of supplies.
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Comprehensive survival kit for hunters.

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Guardian Deluxe Hunter's Survival Kit

A complete assortment of emergency supplies for the hunter, packed into a hunting camouflage bag with gun straps, a bright orange pull-out flag, and extra space for additional gear of your choice.

The kit contains the following supplies:

Food and Water:

  • 12 4-oz water pouches
  • 2400 calorie food bar
  • 10 water purification  tablets - 1 liter of water per tab.
This component provides the average person with potentially weeks of hydration and enough calories to function while you seek rescue and shelter if needed.

Lighting and Communication:

  • 4-in-1 dynamo flashlight (light, siren, charger, radio)
  • 30-hour emergency candle
  • 12-hour emergency glow stick (green)
  • Box of waterproof matches
Obviously getting rescued is the number 1 priority, which would be a difficult task without these items. Not only can you signal for help, but the matches will provide the ability to start fires, aiding you with many other tasks such as water purification and warmth.

Shelter and Warmth:

  • Emergency survival sleeping bag
  • 16 full body warmers (20 hours each)
  • Orange poncho w/ hood
Often, the most immediate concern is protection from the elements or thermoregulation. Right alongside dehydration, hyper or hypothermia are the leading causes of death for a stranded hunter. These items will prolong your survival significantly.

Survival Tools:

  • NIOSH approved N95 dust mask
  • Duct tape
  • Nylon rope (50 ft)
  • 16-function army knife
  • 5' by 7' blue tarp
  • Multi-function shovel
All tools packed in a waterproof storage bag. You'll be able to tackle any tasks that need completion with this assortment of items.

Hygiene and Sanitation:

  • Waste bag
  • 24-piece deluxe hygiene kit
    • Tooth brush, tooth paste, 9 wet naps, soap, shampoo, flossing pick, lotion, deodorant, razor, black comb, 4 maxi pads/bandages, washcloth, shaving cream.
  • 3 pocket tissue packs
Health is another extremely important role in a survival situation. Staying clean is also a great morale boost when your spirits dampen.

Guardian 65-piece Deluxe First Aid Kit

Take care of yourself come illness or injury. This kit leaves out nothing you'll need in terms of medical care.

Other Items:

  • Playing cards, note pad, and pencil.

The Guardian Hunter Kit was designed based on years of research and expert knowledge and experience about what an individual will need if they ever find themselves in an emergency situation while hunting.

Manufacturer Part#: SKHK

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