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Greenivative Magic G-MAG Battery Recharger

Greenivative Magic G-MAG Battery Recharger
Black - AA Battery Charger
Black - AA Battery Charger Rechargeable Batteries - 8 pk
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Battery charging device that runs off of salt water. Can charge 6 batteries at a time in 2 hours with maximum charge range of roughly 90 batteries.

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Saltwater Powered Battery Charging Station

Your eyes are not deceiving you, this is a device that can charge rechargeable batteries using nothing but saltwater! The mechanism is quite simple, and the implementation of this product is actually extremely practical. This technology is something that everyone should have, not just preppers and campers.

How the Greenivative Charger Works

Add saltwater to the container (directions included) and insert dead, rechargeable batteries. In a few hours, each battery will be fully charged.

G-MAG Features:

  • Environmentally friendly. This device is approved for recreational use and will not produce or emit any harmful by-products or waste.
  • Will work in any environment, rain or shine, night or day.
  • Can even be used with Urine, since urine has a high salt content.
  • Reliable power source for outages and off-grid locations.
  • Can recharge 6 AA batteries in 2 hours up to 15 times. That means that this single device is equivalent to carrying 90 batteries at once.
  • Affordable, convenient, and portable on demand.

Ideal Use For:

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Survival
  • RVers
  • Homeowners
Weight: 5.6 ounces

Package Contains:

GMAG Fuel Cell - 4 Greenivative 1400 mAh AA batteries - 2 AA to C adapters - 2 AA to D adapters - 6 salt packets - Instructions for use and storage

Optional: 8 pack of Greenivative Rechargeable Batteries - NiMh (Nickel Metal Hydride) rated at 1400 mW (milli-Watt) hours. Good for up to 1000 charges. 

More Details:

This device is powered by a Magnesium Air-Fuel Cell technology that is deemed entirely Green. Greenivative has designed this amazing product with the environment in mind and it allows anyone to power their devices with saltwater. Yes, you literally can gain 90 batteries worth of electrical power from a small amount of water with salt (or any electrolyte) in it.

Facts About the G-MAG Battery Charger

The G-MAG may occasionally last a little over 15 charges, but once it reaches it's capacity, the device may not be refurbished. The magnesium anode corrodes from the saltwater over time.

Adding more salt to the solution will not improve charging capability, however, when formulating your own solution, it is better to have a little more salt than a little less.

There are no dangerous gases or chemicals produced by this device. It is certified safe. The leftover electrolyte mix can even be disposed of directly into the drain.

The device may become warm during it's charge time, however it should never become hot especially to touch.

There are a variety of GMAG battery rechargers, including AAA (triple A) and AA (double A) sizes. You can also get the cell phone/smart phone/camera adapter pack. This device may come in black or neon yellow. As availability increases, you will be able to specify between the two color choices.

Manufacturer Part#: gmag

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