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Bushrag Complete Ghillie Suit

Bushrag Complete Ghillie Suit
Bushrag Ghillie Suit Kit
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Full camouflage ghillie suit kit provides 3-dimensional cover.

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Bushrag - The Complete Ghillie Suit Kit

A ghillie suit is designed to resemble heavy foliage and camouflage you from outside eyes. This kit includes a full body cover with various strategically placed colors to blend in with nature's surroundings such as sticks, leaves, bark or grass.

Ghillie Suit Features:

  • 7 synthetic colors mimic any patterns of nature.
  • Includes full body and head netting.
  • Made from fire retardant material.
  • Comes with a complete set of instructions.
  • Designed to cover torso, head, back, upper arms and thighs.
  • Compatible with actual natural vegetation.
  • Multiple configurations can be worn upright or as a military style crawling ghillie.


To be used by hunters or snipers for concealment purposes. The main advantage of a ghillie suit compared to standard camouflage clothing is that the camo design is a three dimensional break-up pattern rather than a linear design of multi-color patterns.

When properly set up, the Bushrag Ghillie Suit will also move naturally with the wind the same way that the surrounding foliage does. Others names for this apparel includes Yowie Suits or Camo Tents.

Notes of consideration: Best to use in cooler temperatures since these suits tend to trap excessive heat and become very warm in hotter weather. Traditional Yowie Suits are known to be flammable but the Bushrag Ghillie Suit is flame retardant, an essential feature to defend against ignition sources such as white phosphorous or smoke grenades.

Instructions and How to Use:


Military and police personnel build their own ghillie suits to match the exact terrain they will be operating in. Making a ghillie suit is the best way to create an effective 3-d camouflage, ensuring the best possible chances to remain unseen. This bushrag kit uses the same material as a military style ghillie suit.

Step One

Please read all instructions before starting, this will help to build the most effective camouflage possible. Take your time, patience will ensure a better ghillie suit. The average time of construction is 5 hours.

Step Two

Before constructing your Bush Rag, familiarize yourself with the coloration of the terrain you will be operating in. If possible, make this suit in the field so that you can compare your progress to the actual environment.

Step Three

Open the package and spread the contents on the ground. You should find the following components:

  • Body piece - (2.5' x 5.5' net)
  • Head piece - (1.5' x 2' net)
  • Burlap - (6 different colors)
  • Fire Retardant - (1 bag)
  • Instructions

Manufacturer Part#: 65110

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