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Fluorescein Dye Marker

Fluorescein Dye Marker
Orion Signals Fluorescein Dye Marker
Orion Signals Fluorescein Dye Marker Product Package and Description Green Dye Being Used in Water Orion Signals (SAR) Dye Marker
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Powder creates bright fluorescent green on ground, snow or water for tracking and signaling.

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Orion Signals Dye Marker

This unique product consists of a container of powder that reacts with water or snow and creates a bright green fluorescent glow that can be used for signaling and seen from far away. You can etch out large writing for aerial search and rescuers or leave marks and breadcrumb trails for ground searchers.

Fluorescein is a synthetic organic compound available as a dark orange/red powder slightly soluble in water and alcohol. It is widely used as a fluorescent tracer for many applications.

Dye Marker Details

  • Produces bright green fluorescein signal
  • Works in daytime
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Simply spread on the ground, snow, or water for effects to take place
  • Comes in waterproof container - Can cover a 50 square foot area.

Specs: Weighs approximately 3 ounces - Measures: 6X9.5X1.25

How to Use

In Water: Release contents into water and allow natural current to spread the dye tracing throughout the water creating a large visible area.

On Ground: Strategically sprinkle powder in a universally acceptable design that indicates distress such as SOS. Three straight parallel lines may be the simplest marking to make.

"Don't become a statistic. Be seen. Be saved." - Orion SAR Signals.

Manufacturer Part#: 742

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