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Water Survival - Procurement and Purification

A Unique Water Filtration Idea (Using Bananas)

Posted by Devin Peterson on 6/8/2014 to Water and Hydration

Banana peel water filter

The need for clean water is undeniable, especially in a serious survival situation. After all, you can probably live for a while without food, but the body simply cannot function without water for more than a couple of days. Plus, it is needed not only for drinking, but also cooking, cleaning, and sanitizing. The problem is that even if water is available during or after a disaster situation, it might not be clean or filtered in order to ensure its safety. Fortunately, there is an interesting and unique idea for helping filter and clean your available water supplies.

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Should You Drink Urine in a Survival Situation?

Posted by Devin Peterson on 2/7/2013 to Water and Hydration

Can you drink urine?The option to drink one's own urine is a common scenario in a survival situation when water is scarce and dehydration is quickly setting in. I've seen many TV survival experts drink their own piss on camera, but sorry to 'yellow-rain' on your parade, but it's purely for entertainment... I hope. Otherwise these 'experts' are crazy, and here is why....
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Tips for Conserving Water in Your Body

Posted by Devin Peterson on 4/21/2012 to Water and Hydration

Help Your Body Retain WaterLearn some basic tips to help prolong the water you have during an emergency or survival situation. Many of these techniques go overlooked and can cause you to waste days worth of life-saving drinking water.
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Ways to Disinfect, Filter and Purify Your Water

Posted by Devin Peterson on 2/7/2012 to Water and Hydration

Water Purification TechniquesPurifying your water in a survival or emergency situation is crucial, even when the water looks clean. We'll discuss a variety of ways to filter and disinfect your water using different methods and various tools.
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Finding Water Sources

Posted by Devin Peterson on 6/28/2011 to Water and Hydration

How To Find WaterLearn how to find water in any situation. Water is among the most important survival necessities. Knowing where to locate water in any environment is a crucial survival skill and can save your life! Apart from thermo-regulation, hydration is the top survival priority.
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Learn some basic and advanced tips for locating water and making the most of what you have.