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Survival Water Bottle

Survival Water Bottle
Survival Water Bottle
Survival Water Bottle Water Instructions Water Bottle Top
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Stainless steel water bottle with survival tips.

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SOL Survival Water Bottle by Adventure Medical

The SOL Survival Water Bottle is the only water bottle that can save your life - even when it's empty. This food-grade stainless steel bottle has critical information about what to do when you run out of water printed directly on the outside, so you're never without the information you need in a survival situation. 750ml capacity.

Weight: 6 oz.
Size: 9 x 2.875
Material: Stainless steel - Boil water directly in the container.

The AMK Survival Bottle Includes Tips Such As:

  • Medications can affect hydration and water retention - Caffeine and alcohol, as well as other diuretics will cause your body to lose fluids. Many antihistamines decrease your ability to sweat which can increase your risk of heat illness.
  • To find water in a coastal area:
    • Dig a deep hole in the sand and let water seep in.
    • Build a fire to heat rocks and place rocks in water hole.
    • Catch the steam with a piece of absorbent fabric and wring out the water into a container.
  • Signs of dehydration:
    • Flushed face
    • Dizziness
    • Weakness
    • Muscle cramping
    • Headache
    • Dry mouth
    • Dark urine

There are many other tips and interesting facts on the bottle, including a guide to water disinfection, creating oral rehydration solutions, and other techniques to locate water.

Manufacturer Part#: 707708100086

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