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Sure-Pak Complete MRE (Case of 12)

Sure-Pak Complete MRE (Case of 12)
Full course Meals... Ready to eat!
Full course Meals... Ready to eat! Top quality cuisine Another view of contents Prepared meal
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Full meal ready to eat.

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Sopakco Sure Pak 12 - Full Meals Ready to Eat!

Ready when you are, a case of these MRE's provide 12 FULL meals for the average (but very hungry) civilian. These meals are shelf stable (5 years), already prepared, nutritious and delicious! No refrigeration is needed. Recommended for organizations or families who are taking the time to protect their well being in the event of a future disaster or emergency situation.

MRE Features:

  • 5 year shelf life when properly stored (Optimal 70° F)
  • Fully prepared and ready to eat
  • Waterproof packaging
    • Air tight
    • Bug proof
    • Tamper resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Tasty and healthy
  • Self heating option available*
  • 900-1250 calories per meal
  • 12 meals in one case
  • Approximate weight: 19 lb per case
  • Case dimensions: 16.75”L x 9.25”W x 11”H
  • Meal Package Include:
    • Entree
    • Side dish
    • Dessert item
    • Cracker or wheat bread and spread
    • Beverage powder
    • Condiment pack
      • Spoon
      • Napkin
      • Wet nap
      • Salt and Pepper
      • Coffee, creamer, sugar
  • Sopakco Packaing and Sure-Pak

Individual meals can not be requested or guaranteed within any particular case of 12. The assortment is random and consists of 2 meals each of 6 different selections.

Available Entree Flavors:

Beef ravioli
Beef stew
Cheese omelet with vegetables
Cheese tortellini
Chili macaroni
Grilled chicken breast
Chicken with noodles
Meatloaf with gravy
Penne pasta with veggie sausage crumbles
Sloppy joes
Spaghetti with meat sauce
Vegetable lasagna

Side dishes may include: Applesauce, re-fried beans, mexican mac n' cheese, garlic mashed potatoes, sliced apples, or rice.
Dessert items may include: Cinnamon scones, oatmeal cookie, or cornbread.
Spreads may include: Jelly, jam, or peanut butter.
Beverage powders may include: Electrolyte drink mix with flavors of lemon, fruit punch, orange, or lime.

A food storage solution like the Sure-Pak 12 can help you and your family be prepared for anything. These rations are not for people who may have food allergies or are particularly picky since you can not specify certain flavors with this case order.

Heating Your Sure-Pak Meal

These MRE's can be eaten cold or hot. If you prefer a hot meal, you have several heating options. 

Option 1: You may purchase optional flameless, self-heaters with your Sure-Pak 12 Meals that use a safe, all natural chemical reaction of food grade iron, magnesium, salt, and water to heat the food to 100º Fahrenheit in about 10 minutes while still in the pouch.

To heat your Sure-Pak 12 entrée, you will need a heater sleeve, the entrée in its pouch package and water. Note: No special water is required! Tap water, bottled water, well water, or even water from a natural source can be used.

Option 2: Without the special self heating meals, you can still warm up the regular meals by placing the pouch in direct sunlight or setting the entire unopened pouch in hot water. This method must be done carefully as it can result in serious burns if not done properly and with caution.

----It is recommended to consume 2 meals per day per person.----

Manufacturer Part#: 9217

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Sure-Pak Complete MRE (Case of 12) Reviews

highly efficient military meals

My friend brought back some of these meals after his service in the US Air Force. He insisted they were delicious and would make a perfect addition to our planned camping/backpacking trips. He was so right. They taste like real meals, feel like real meals, well they are real! Took weeks to find the exact ones, but this site has them. thanks!
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Reviewed by: from TX. - 4/9/2013
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