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Stun Gun W/ Alarm (200,000 V)

Stun Gun W/ Alarm (200,000 V)
Safety Switch and Alarm System Included!
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200,000 volt stun gun with 130 db alarm. Delivers a considerable, non-lethal shock.

SCS Price: $25.16
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Street Wise Security Products

This stun gun contains 200,000 volts and is meant to protect you from possible attackers. The safety feature this stun gun comes with prevents the possibility of it being used against you in case of an attack and provides additional benefits in the form of an alarm.

Stung Guns are great non-lethal defensive weapons that can be useful for virtually anyone. Whether you are traveling to unfamiliar areas, through the outdoors, or in an urban environment this tool is for you. Doesn't matter if you are alone or in groups, a stun gun can be the protection you need from attackers.

Stun Gun Details:
  • 200,000 Volts
  • 130 Decibel Alarm Sound
  • Wrist Band Disable Switch. (When wrist band is detached the stun gun is disabled. this prevents the stun gun from being used on you if taken away or dropped.)
  • 3 Setting On/Off Switch. Settings Included Are: Off, Stun Gun On, and Stun Gun With Alarm On
  • Made by Street Wise - lifetime warranty
Basic Self Defense Tips

Make sure you read all safety precautions provided by the manufacturer before using a stun gun. Although non-lethal, stun guns can be potential health risks to certain individuals.

In cases of an actual attack it is important to remember that items and objects can be replaced. If you feel your life may be in danger and an attacker demands something of you such as your wallet or purse, it is often a wise decision to let them have your property. Report all incidents to the police.

Another key factor in self-defense cases is to attract attention. If an attacker feels like their chance of getting caught is greater they will be less likely to attack.

Note: May be hazardous to criminals!

Manufacturer Part#: SW200

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Stun Gun W/ Alarm (200,000 V) Reviews

Our experience with the stun gun

Me and my friend tested this stun gun and it hurt quite a bit but didnt make us convulse like we expected! Low end power but I think it still wards off attackers quite well
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Reviewed by: from creekside. - 2/2/2012
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