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Respirator Dust Mask

Respirator Dust Mask
NIOSH Approved!
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NIOSH N95 Respirator Dust Mask
These particulate respirators are meant to filter out many chemicals that can be harmful if inhaled. The N95 filters out 95% of all particles that attempt to travel through the filter. This mask is designed for comfort and is ideal in areas like construction zones, high pollution areas, dusty rooms, machining, wood cutting and more.
They are even recommended for avian flu protection!
These dust masks will help prevent allergies and respiratory stress from polluted or debris filled areas. The filter is easy to talk through, requires no maintenance and is disposable.
This dust mask air filter is NIOSH approved. (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health)
How To Put On The Respirator
1. Hold the respirator in your hand with the metal adjusting strip away from you, allowing the headbands to hang below your hand.

2. Press the respirator firmly against your face with the narrow end on the bridge of your nose.

3. Pull the top strap over your head and position it high on the back of your head. Pull the bottom strap over your head and position it below your ears.

4. Adjust the top and bottom strap lengths using both hands to pull the ends evenly towards the back of your head. Straps may be loosened by pushing the back of the buckle outward.

5. Using both hands, mold the metal strip to the shape of your nose.

6. Check the facepiece-to-face seal by cupping both hands over the respirator and inhale vigorously. A negative pressure should be detected inside the facepiece. If air leaks in from around your nose, reform the metal strip. If air leaks in from around the edges, reposition the straps. Repeat as necessary until no air leak is detected, and you have a satisfactory seal. If you cannot achieve a good face-to-facepiece seal do not enter the contaminated area and see your supervisor.

* It is important to read and understand all warnings and cautions printed on label before use.

Manufacturer Part#: T95

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