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Writer of the great e-book "How to Survive Economic Armageddon". Learn about less discussed survival topics and unique skills and knowledge that can prove invaluable in the very near future. How to deal with a food crisis, riots, currency problems and basic bushcraft skills are just a few of the topics dealt with in this 'survival guide of the future'.

Prepare yourself today with practical survival skills and information about emergency preparedness, urban survival and wilderness survival. Learn about important gear and strategies you may need that can help you live through any scenario.

Why Prep :: Disaster Prep :: Food Storage :: Health Prep :: Moms Prep Too :: Earthquake readiness near New Madrid faultline
We are a group of peaceful warriors and our mission is to provide you a single source for the information, instruction, products, and resources for you to prepare yourself and your family in case of any exists purely for the purpose of helping you be ready for the next disaster

Backwoods Survival Blog
This page contains over 150 unique categories with great information about many topics such as gardening, homesteading, long term food storage, and emergency preparedness. Any topic related to survival, natural disaster, economic crisis concerns, self-suffiency, and more can be found with well written articles at the Backwoods Survival Blog.
Pioneer Living
A Survival, Preppers, Preparedness, and Back to Basics free informational website.
They have a forum for all members and lot's of free resources for all of your survival needs.
Canine Search and Rescue
A Complete site dedicated to joining a K9 Search
and Rescue Team.  Dog Training, Cadaver, Man
Tracking, Safety Programs for Children, Search
Gear, Certification Information. Find it all here!
The Colorado Outdoor Network
Everything you ever wanted to know about the
beautiful Colorado outdoors. Join us to learn
about skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, hiking,
backpacking and a whole lot more.
Swords, Flags, Scottish Wear and Gifts
Interested in Scottish and Celtic merchandise including flags, swords, kilts and more?
Click here for Scottish Gifts!
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