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Reimbursements for Reviews!

How to Use:

  1. Make a purchase and wait for your product to arrive.
  2. Use the product, test it, analyze it, judge it.
  3. Locate the product page on our site and simply leave a review using the "review this item" or "add review" link.
  4. For honest, helpful, and thoughtful reviews (whether positive or negative) we will reimburse 1$ or 10% of the purchase price for each item reviewed.
  5. Sometimes the reimbursement may be issued automatically, other times you must notify us via facebook. Reimbursements are no longer eligible beyond 2 months of initial payment.
  6. We will reimburse more for anyone interested in leaving video reviews or for posting reviews on third party sites

Notes: Reviews can be positive or negative. In fact we even encourage negative reviews if the product was disappointing and didn't live up to expectations. However, all reviews MUST be civil, any signs of hostility or anger will result in disqualification for a reimbursement. Try to be helpful, what would you have liked to know before you purchased this product?

Product Donations for Linking Partners

How to Use:

If you own a website, you can receive a free item simply by endorsing our website via links. This is subject to the quality and context of the link(s) provided. The item delivered will be negotiated upon when contacted by webmaster; negotiation depends on product availability, cost, shipping and the link quality.

Price Match Guarantee

If you show us a better price from a store that has this item in stock, we will match or better that price. Shipping costs will factor into the final value.

Reward Points

How to Use:

Every item will earn you 1 reward point for every dollar you spend. You can use these points to redeem eligible items for free. Redemption values start as low as 100 points. See your account details for more information.

Other Promotions

  • Bulk Discounts on select items for phone-in orders only.
  • Free Shipping on all orders over $100. Exclusions apply for international and select items that require special handling.
  • Deal of the Day - Special discounts and new sale items everyday.
  • Everything sells less than retail value!
  • Free Product Give-Aways. See category pages for details.
  • Discounts for newsletter recipients and special members.
  • Bitcoin Acceptance - Get 5% off just for paying with Bitcoins!