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Made in USA
Made in USA Easily ignites fire tinder 5500 degree sparks Also available in XL size
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flint and rod based fire starter

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Exotac Polystriker Fire Starter

A durable and lightweight fire starter makes tremendous sparks that will ignite any tinder pile, easily helping you build a fire with convenience and reliability. Made from recycled ABS plastic, the Polystriker is ergonomic and made for the minimalist. The tungsten carbide striker is built into an easy grip handle which holds the striking tool in place when not in use.

Polystriker Features:

  • Burns at 5500 degrees F
  • Works when wet
  • Ultra portable
  • Lanyard attachment for striking tool and handle
  • Good for 15,000 strikes!
  • Weighs .5 ounces
  • 4 inches long
  • .5 inch diameter
  • Ferrocerium and magnesium rod
  • Made by Exotac

A flint striker like the Polystriker fire starting tool is the perfect backup fire starter in any outdoor or emergency situation. Every expert recommends a durable backup tool for starting fires like a flint striker. Matches and lighters are not always reliable, but a ferro rod like the Exotac Polystriker will always be functional in any condition. It's simply up to your own skills to create a fire once you have the right tools in hand!

Manufacturer Part#: B007K7AWEA

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