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Hand-held Orange Smoke Signal

Hand-held Orange Smoke Signal
Single - 3 pack option available
Single - 3 pack option available 3 pack - Ideal for marine use Easy to use directions included 3 Pack of Hand-Held Marine Signals
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Hand-held marine smoke signals.

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Orion Signals Orange Handheld Marine Smoke Flares

A cloud of thick, orange smoke is one of the most effective signaling indicators you can process. Signaling is all about contrast and visibility to potential rescuers. The USCG has approved these smoke signals to be an effective day-time rescue signal device. Each flare creates a large dense cloud of orange smoke for up to a minute, but the cloud of smoke lasts longer, depending on weather conditions. It can be seen for miles and will easily stand out to potential rescuers who aren't even aware of someone needing help or being lost. A perfect addition to your search and rescue tools, as it may also indicate to the distressed where the SAR's team is located.

Orange Smoke Hand Held Signal Features:

  • U.S. Coast Guard approved
  • Day time use only
  • Produces large dense cloud of orange smoke
  • 1 minute burn time
  • Self contained ignition (no matches needed)
  • 5 mile visibility radius
  • Simple instructions included
  • Hand held
  • Orion Search and Rescue Signals

Recommended Uses:
  • Marine and boating
  • Search and Rescue
  • Wilderness Expeditions
Dimensions: 0.917 X 0.563 X 0.844 (approximately 1 lb)

Additional Specifications:
  • Dot class: 1.4S UN0373
  • Net explosive weight: 181.5 g
  • Ex number: EX9708126
Note: This item will add an additional 5$ flat fee to shipping due to special handling costs. Not eligible for free shipping.

Orion is the first name when it comes to orange smoke flares and smoke signals. They specialize in hand-held, floating (SOLAS), and both night and day time signalling. Safety is always the number one priority, and that is why we put together a brief article on "How to signal for help". This article talks about using a whole myriad of techniques to attract someone's attention when in distress.

Some factors include loud and unusual noises and sounds, contrasting and unnatural visual clues, and basic communication skills. It's important to implement all techniques, not just one or two. Also, use some creativity. There's probably countless ways someone can use a tool to signal for help.

For more valuable emergency signaling products, check out the brightest name in safety.

Manufacturer Part#: 958

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