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UCO Long Burn Matches

UCO Long Burn Matches
Long Burn Time of 60 seconds
Long Burn Time of 60 seconds Nearly the length of a pen Safety Matches - Strikes on box Doubles as a game of pick-up-sticks!
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Matches designed to burn extra long. Features a longer shaft and carbonized head for safety.

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UCO Long Burn Matches

Designed to start fires that tend to take just a little longer than usual. Sometimes your fire tinder might be a tad too damp, or perhaps you're starting with kindling instead. This is where the Longer burning matches come in great use. Use them for campfires, barbeques or even candles. They remain to be a faster and more efficient way to start most fires, without having to fiddle around when your fuel doesn't ignite right away. Highly recommended for camping or at home.

Long Burning Match Details:

  • One match burns up to 45-60 seconds
  • Longer length (3.75")
  • Carbonized match sticks are safer
  • 50 matches per box
  • Burn time is 5 times longer than standard match
  • Considered a safety match and striking pad included
  • Industrial Revolution - UCO: Utility, Comfort, Originality

How To Use:

  1. Close the box entirely before striking match against so that the pad is firm and sturdy and to prevent accidental ignition of other matches.
  2. If the striker becomes wet simply allow it to dry and it can be used once again.


  • Strike away from body and downward. Be aware of bystanders.
  • Occasional sparks may fly when striking, be cautious of flammable materials near by.
  • Run match under water when done to ensure it is no longer lit or hot
  • Keep out of reach of children

UCO matches are made by a company called Industrial Revolution. They are also the makers of 'Light My Fire' gear and 'Dajo' Knives. These matches were made for stoves, campfires, candles, lanterns, fire places, BBQ's and more.

Manufacturer Part#: MT-LONG

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