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Frontier Sport Water Bottle Filter

Frontier Sport Water Bottle Filter
McNett Frontier Sport Bottle Water Filter
McNett Frontier Sport Bottle Water Filter Safely Packaged - Instructions Included 2 Filtration System Technology Converts sports bottles with straws into filters
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Aquamira Water filter that fits in sports bottles

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Aquamira Frontier Sport Filter for Water Bottles

An antimicrobial water filter designed for sports bottles with straw attachments. Removes contaminants as small as 2 microns, both organic and inorganic. The thick-wall filter allows longer life span than traditional thin-wall filters. Activated carbon not only removes waterborne chemicals and harmful bacteria, but also improves taste. This water filter can be used for hundreds of refills and prevents backflush.

Aquamira Bottle Filter Features:

  • Eliminates 99.9% of contaminants including:
    • Giardia
    • Cryptosporidium
    • E. Coli
  • 2 stage filtration system
    • High density polypropylene fiber pre filter screen for large particles
    • Highly efficient porous plastic carbon block final filter
  • 1 cartridge provides over 100 gallons of filtered water
  • High water flow and low pressure
  • Activated coconut shell carbon
  • Miraguard antimicrobial technology slows down any growth of bacteria, fungus, algae, mildew, and mold within the filter medium.
  • Easy to use. Instructions included.
  • Economically and environmentally friendly. Can save up to 400 bottles of water or over 100 gallons worth
  • BPA free
  • Made by Aquamira (Mcnett)

This product converts a simple water bottle into an advanced filtration system. It simply draws the water from the bottom of the bottle and filters it through the tested and certified Mcnett water bottle filter. The filter is 2" in diameter and fits many but not all sports water bottles. This is also a great product to keep handy for emergency purposes.

Recommended Uses: 
Everyday hydration - simply fill with tap water to save hundreds of dollars on bottled water.
Camping and backpacking - Carry along the trail and refill at any water source you come to such as a stream or river. 
Store in your bug out bag for emergency use only. 

To Convert a Water Bottle with a Straw into a Filter Bottle:
  1. Remove cap and disconnect 
  2. Press straw snugly onto the 
    filter inlet fitting.
  3. Place the filter and straw 
    into the bottle and mark 
    the straw at the rim of the 
    neck of the bottle.
  4. Remove the straw and filter 
    and cut the straw at the 
  5. Reconnect the open end of 
    the straw to the cap.   
  6. Re-insert the filter into the 
    bottle and allow the cap to 
    hang over the side, fill the 
    bottle with water, replace 
    and tighten the cap.
Note: On initial use, carbon dust can 
be removed by sucking water out of 
the straw until the water stream 
clears up. Simply discard the 
harmless, discolored water.

Note: Flow rates may be slightly 
reduced and suction a little difficult 
on initial use, due to entrapped air in 
the filter matrix.  Flow rates will 
improve as the filter media becomes 
thoroughly wetted. 

If viruses or bacteria are 
suspected, use in conjunction with 

Miraguard Antimicrobial 
Technology:  suppresses the growth 
of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and 
mildew within the filter media. 

Do Not Freeze: Freezing a wetted 
filter may damage the filter media 
and compromise filter integrity.

Go here to learn about water filtration ratings.

Manufacturer Part#: 67003

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