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Coghlans Flint Striker

Coghlans Flint Striker
Coghlans Flint Striker Can Start Thousands of Fires!
Coghlans Flint Striker Can Start Thousands of Fires! Ignites Incredible Sparks Made By Coghlans
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Fire starting tool that creates sparks.

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Coghlans Flint Striker

This ferrocerium fire-starting tool lasts for thousands of strikes! Pushing the striker provided down the rod emits sparks to light combustibles. Some people may also refer to this fire starting tool as a ferro rod, flint and steel, or ferrocerium rod

Fireproof in solid form, the tool works just as well when wet. For use in any weather and at any altitude. Remember, survival experts agree that you should always have at least two forms of fire starting. Don't be caught unprepared in the wilderness or in any emergency by not having the proper fire starters.

Flint Striker Includes:

  • Handle
  • Fire Starter Rod - Made from ferrocerium
  • Metal Striker (flint steel)
  • Lanyard Cord

How To Use This Fire Starter:

There are many ways in which people have shown to use the Flint Striker. Coghlans recommends the following way to scrape the bar to ignite your fire starting material or tinder shavings.

Step 1.
Using the supplied striker bar or the backside of your pocket knife, remove the black painted coating from the rod so that you have exposed the shiny ferrocerrium material. The Flint Striker will not work properly until you have removed this coating exposing the fire starting rod underneath.

Step 2.
Using the supplied striker bar or the backside of your pocket knife, slide the rod along the striker bar perpendicular to the knife. Pull the rod backwards (away from the fire stater material) and keep the striker bar stationary.

The Importance of Fire Starting

A fire is useful for so many survival needs. It can cook food, sanitize water, provide warmth, provide light, signal for help, ward off wild animals and bugs, and keep your spirits up when things seem grim. Check out this article on Survival Priorities to see where 'fire starting' stands among other important survival needs.

See how valuable a flint striker is compared to other survival tools in this list of Top Ten Survival Tools.

Manufacturer Part#: 1005

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Coghlans Flint Striker Reviews

Best Product on the Market

Coghlans Flint Striker is the best product available for its price and capability. It's capable of up to 4,000 strikes and it costs only five dollars. When I was active-duty military we were issued the magnesium bars with built-in flints. Coghlans sells these but ironically they are more expensive than the Coghlan FLINT STRIKER. Go with the FLINT STRIKER instead! Coghlans magnesium/flints will only last around 1,000 strikes (scraping the flint to start a fire) whereas the FLINT STRIKER lasts 4,000 strikes! Yes the Magnesium is a nice feature however you can easily make your own fire-starting materials for very little money. Buy a large bag of cotton balls and some petroleum (or Vaseline) jelly. Work some of the vaseline into the cotton balls. Use the Coghlan FLINT STRIKER to easily ignite these and they will burn a couple of minutes, which will assist you to light up your smaller kindling and then the larger pieces of fire-wood. As for the amount of vaseline jelly to rub into the cotton balls just experiment for yourself to discover what works best. Before I heard about Coghlans FIRE STRIKER I had purchased a Swedish military fire-starter called the Fire-Steel, which was quite small and was only rated to 1,200 strikes. It cost me $7.00. Go with the Coghlans FLINT STRIKER at only $5, capable of 4,000 strikes. It's the best deal I've come across. After finding this product last week at a local sporting goods store, I was so impressed that today I went back and purchased four more. Take care now and remember, "Salvation is of the LORD" (Jonah 2:9).
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Reviewed by: from Northern Michigan. - 3/9/2013

Best Fire Starter

I actually find this cheap little thing to be the best fire starting tool to use. Yes it isn't quite as simple as a lighter or one of those sparkie blastmatch aurora flint strikers... but for just a stick and piece of metal... great product!
Did you find this helpful? 2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: from cambridge. - 9/7/2011

Flint starter

No matter how much I tried could not start a fire. With that piece of metal which is useless , my fingers and my arm were exhausted. Than I tryed my knife, a little bit of success but until I put a rich of gasoline I would not be able to start a fire. In the wilderness I would be “DEAD”. Sorry this thing is useless
Did you find this helpful? 0 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: from New York. - 6/12/2019
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