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Stansport Fire Striker

Stansport Fire Striker
An effective and easy to use tool
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Steel flint fire starter.

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Stansport Fire Striker

A steel flint fire starter that creates 3,000° sparks that will ignite any viable fire tinder. This flint striker is a ferrocerium based fire starting tool or ferro rod. Simply scrape the metal bar along the fire rod and watch the sparks fly. The Stansport fire striker works well even in harsh weather condition, when starting a fire is most crucial. A great tool for your survival kit, never fails like a lighter or matches can easily do. The fire striker is entirely waterproof and lasts for hundred and even thousands of fires. The perfect camping tool you may never need to replace.

Fire Striker Details:

  • 3,000 degree sparks easily ignite tinder into flames
  • Simple to learn with a small amount of practice
    1. Hold the steel striker against the ferro rod at a 45 degree angle facing away from your body.
    2. Press firmly and slide the striker down the ferro rod; if the angle is correct and you pressing hard enough, sparks will fly!
  • Lightweight, easily packed into your kit with plenty of room for other survival gear
  • Size: 1/4" x 3"
  • Made by Stansport - Maker of quality camping gear and equipment

More than one tool for starting a fire is often recommended by survival experts. A flint steel fire starter is often an extremely reliable tool and makes a great primary or secondary fire starter.

Manufacturer Part#: 621

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Categories: "Sporting Goods > Outdoor Recreation > Camping, Backpacking & Hiking > Camping Tools"
Stansport Fire Striker Reviews

The Andes

Have been using this tool for literally 5 years and am finally about to replace it. Started probably 100-150 fires with it, and Im not exactly the best at starting fires so could have been more. I might opt with a slightly cheaper flint striker like the Coghlans brand just to compare
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Reviewed by: from Spartanville. - 2/28/2012
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