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Rothco 550 Nylon Paracord (100 ft)

Rothco 550 Nylon Paracord (100 ft)
Many more color options available! - See our options drop down menu and IMAGE GALLERY to see more!
Many more color options available! - See our options drop down menu and IMAGE GALLERY to see more! Foliage Black Different applications of paracord
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7 strand 550 pound test paracord

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Rothco Paracords

Choose from an assortment of colors, all 100 feet long and made from 7-strand core nylon 550 pound tested paracord. This item is manufactured by a U.S. government certified contractor and has passed all tests and inspections for use of the most elite forces in the world.

Paracord Specifications:

  • 5/32" diameter
  • 100 ft long
  • 100% nylon
  • 7 strand core
  • Made in USA
  • 550 lb test
  • Approximate weight <0.5 lbs

This type III commercial cordage is an all-around ideal utility rope that is super tough and long lasting. All rope really is, is a bunch of small fibers intertwined to create a synergistically stronger piece. Their practical purposes in the field of survival is countless. Available in a number of colors at 100 feet in length.

Design your own bracelets or laces, wrap your knife handle, secure your gear, and store in your survival kit and bug out bag. A short excerpt from "Survival Uses of Paracord" can be read below:

  1. Rappelling - Being able to move quickly and efficiently is so important in any survival situations and sometimes this involves conquering a steep hill or cliff. A rope will allow you to safely rappel when needed using proper technique.
  2. Build a Shelter - You can use rope to secure bundles of sticks and make walls and roofing for shelter.
  3. Build a Raft - If you need to cross a river or travel down stream having rope will significantly increase the ease of constructing a useful flotation vessel.
  4. Carrying - Strap tools and items to your backpack or clothing to be able to carry more things and keep your hands free.
  5. Trip Wire - Making a trip wire with a can and rocks or bells can help ward off or alert you of animal threats like bears or wolves.
  6. Clothing Line - Dry your clothing on the line after a heavy rain or encounter with a body of water.
  7. Food Line - Hang your food up to avoid losing your meals to bears and other wild animals.
  8. Tourniquet - If cut or wounded a rope can help stop serious bleeding when needed.
  9. Fishing Line - You can use individual strands to use as fishing line if you have some type of bait and hook.
  10. Fishing Net - Use the thin strands to construct a small fishing net to catch fish for food.
  11. Animal Trap or Snare - Catch prey by constructing a trap or snare of some type

Read more at our blog.

This product has been described as: "indispensable", "timeless", "perfect" and "high quality". Please tell us what you think in our review section!

Manufacturer Part#: 147

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Rothco 550 Nylon Paracord (100 ft) Reviews

The world's best paracord!

As a big supporter of Rothco products I have to give this item a great review. I have used this paracord obviously and it's top notch. A few projects required extremelt high durability and this cord didn't fail, unlike another brand I tested.
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Reviewed by: from Seattle. - 5/31/2013
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