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Personal Survival Shelter Personal Survival Shelter

Get Your Survival Gear Today. You're Going to Need it...

You have discovered a source for survival gear that you just can't find anywhere else. While most outfitters provide exclusively one type of product, such as camping and backpacking equipment or emergency supplies, the Survival Camping Store brings together a multitude of industries that are inherently related. Think Army Navy but more. Think Tactical and Home Security with a touch of Outdoors. Whether you're testing your ability to survive, preparing for a major disaster, engaging in military operations, or just taking a hike through the woods, this is where you need to stock up.

Survival Gear

Your basic tools and necessities when it comes to making it through any scenario. Ward of zombies or survive the apocalypse with nothing more than a few items. Build your kit from scratch or invest in a ready made bug-out bag. The scope of our selection spans all categories of accessories. At the least, you're probably going to need some blades, a few fire starters, first aid supplies, and a shelter system. With this, you should be able to pave your own path to fresh water and food. Just watch out for the zombies and start filling your checklist today.

Emergency Preparedness

Management and response to knowledge of potential threat is what emergency preparedness is all about. Nothing is off limits when it comes to the future. Some things are inevitable like the oncoming of hurricanes, floods, fires and more natural disasters. Others are unforeseen, like the eventual Doomsday everyone keeps talking about. The first step in managing these risks is to prepare by storing the right supplies. You'll need long-term sources of food and water of course, but you'll also need a way to communicate with the outside world, protect yourself against biological threats, and take care of everyday tasks like bathing (we hope) and drinking water.

Outdoor Recreation

Sure it's good to be ready for anything, but sometimes we want to just have a good time exploring nature and enjoying the great outdoors. Camping, backpacking and hiking are all fun activities, but you still need the right gear. The best part about shopping for outdoor supplies is that you can always rely on our equipment to help keep you alive in a survival scenario. We recognize that there is a great overlap in the outdoor and survival industries and there's no better place to shop for hybrid tools than SCS. For the more extreme outfitters, we've got mountaineering, climbing and water sports equipment as well. Just keep browsing and you'll see there's nothing you can't find!

Tactical Operations

SCS is co-founded by a U.S. Air Force Veteran. The need for tactical gear has not gone ignored. Breaching operations, stealth missions and stake-outs all require unique tools for successful campaigns. With input from all the Military branches, we have what any Army, Navy, or Marine soldier would need. Our tactics for supplying you with what you need is to reach out to experts in every field, which is how we have accumulated such a great selection.

Self-Defense and Home Security

The final branch of products is for personal protection. Never mind hoarding caches of survival gear, sometimes an effective self-defense weapon or alarm system is all you need. Keep yourself safe from attackers or wild animals with something as simple as pepper spray. Secure your home with an elaborate system of security cameras, motion sensors and alarms, or just set up a trip wire with some bells attached. The homeowners self-defense supply is like the military operatives tactical tool, or the preppers' emergency cache.